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Paula Olivares

It all started when I finished the university, I did some theoretical and practical
tests to get to the school of dramatic art in Malaga, but when I did not give the
grade to enter the school I saw nothing, I did not know what I could do, if to work
or to look for another university race, but neither of the two options called my
I have been in an organization in Malaga for many years (TRANS) and this one
spoke to me about the EVS and to be able to volunteer for another country for
several months.
The only country insured and longest was in Romania, at first I did not call
attention, but seeing me with nothing, accept and prepare everything for what
would be my new life as a volunteer.
The first thing I did with the help of my organization was to look for information
about Romania and about the city where I was going to spend eleven months,
Râmnicu Vâlcea.
After learning well I had my first interview, on Skype, with Adelina, who would be
my coordinator in the project
Several weeks later I received the email from a Sevillian girl, Irene, who would be
my partner, and we got in touch to change opinions about the project. In the
project we were going to be three Spanish and three Italians. Weeks before
leaving, we got in touch with the last Spanish, Manuel, from Ciudad Real. As the
three of us were going to leave the airport in Malaga in the morning I invited them
to spend the night in my house
The day of the trip
It was a direct flight of three hours, on arrival we met Adelina and Gabriel. Two
days later we met our Italian partner Paolo.
We started by receiving Romanian classes to get in touch with the workload.
We carry out the following activities:
language classes (Spanish), dance classes (sevillanas), workshop on different
topics, help in other organizations, go to rural schools and carry out activities in
the form of non-formal education, teach English in kindergarten, be up to date with
the networks social, photo and creation of events, and go to the institute to inform
about European volunteering.
After the first month we had the on arrival training, in Bucharest, in which they
explained several interests about volunteering. Halfway through the project
Midterm, in Brasov, in which we talk about how it is going, and we make an
The EVS has changed my life, thanks to volunteering I am travelling, knowing
wonderful people and learning

Testimony of Paula after volunteering

When I made the decision to leave for eleven months I was scared, I couldn’t speak English and I had
never separated from my family, but it was without a doubt the best decision of my life.
European volunteering completely changed me. The experience of becoming independent, being in an
unknown country with new people who grew up.
The eleven months spent in Romania were wonderful, I also had moments of sadness, and I missed my
family, other times I had different decisions with my roommates. But I learned to listen, to give in and to
be heard.
I learned to work, to have a schedule and to manage my money and my time.
I traveled to wonderful places like Turkey, Greece, Hungary, I got to know the different cultures and it
made me more empathetic, respectful and cultured.
But after all this I was afraid it would end, to return to my life in Spain, I didn’t know what could happen,
I really liked the life I had, the friends I had made, the trips, the independence. I was wondering, will I be
able to continue this lifestyle when European volunteering ends?
When it was all over and I returned home, the first few weeks I was very sad, but when I remembered
everything I was capable of, I got up from the sofa and sent my resume to a restaurant. I spent three
months working in a restaurant, thanks to the exchange I was able to serve many foreign clients. After
working there I changed jobs and now I am in a company in the position of administrative and accounting
I feel stronger, European volunteering has taught me to fight for what I want and to be accepted in the
world of work, my training has been enriched with languages and jobs.
Now I know I can do what I want and go to different countries, I plan to continue training as a wedding
planner and go to the Canary Islands to work.
I am the same person but with more experiences and I am very grateful.
I want to take the opportunity to thank my mother who supported me in this adventure, my flatmates from
Romania, Paolo, Manuel and my dear friend Irene with whom I made most trips, without her it would not
have been the same, to my coordinator Adelina and her husband Gabri, who supported and trusted me.
Thanks to European volunteering.

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