Mark Pomazan

Mark Pomazan

Volunteer from Ukraine

I’m Mark Pomazan from Ukraine, Kharkov and I’m a volunteer in an EVS project ‘Youth Initiatives for Community’ facilitated by AIDE.

I consider myself to be open-minded, determined and proactive. I have finished a bachelor degree of International business in Simon Kuznets National university of economics and I have experience with working in multinational company, so I have a deep knowledge, how business should work.

Moreover, when I was studying, I took part with a big passion in many volunteering events, such as conferences, marathons, festivals, city events and I was even a head of the youth organization in the faculty. The volunteers are the brightest and most kind-hearted people wherever I go.

My degree, which is connected to international business, and volunteering hobby were combined in this project and I like it. I think that the best option is, when we can realize education and hobbies in one place.

I appreciate the possibility to be a part of this project and compared to a big city, where i live in my country, Ramnicu Valcea is a very cozy and comfortable city that can give feeling of calmness.
I have a keen interest for our future adventures in Romania! I would like to end by quote, which inspires me: “Live a life, which you will remember”


Testimony of Mark after volunteering

Doesn’t matter who you are, ESC volunteering can become such an awesome experience once in your lifetime. 

Citizenship. Nowadays you have such a magic opportunity to transfer yourself to another country and to become a part of society, where you can interact with locals and internationals, together with other people in the community to make a contribution in society, such as developing the civic spirit, critical thinking, multiculturalism and youth initiative spirit, values that can help develop the community.

Friendship. Volunteers are a special type of people, who are incredibly open-minded and kind-hearted, smart and bright. Some people I met only several times during the project, but it was enough to make notes in my mind that I would be extremely happy to meet them whenever in the future. 

I cannot count how many different possibilities will you get to a rocket development of your personality. You can gain new languages(body language included, how the Italian or Spain people express themself with emphasizing words with some gestures), culture, communications, negotiations, cooking, stories, jokes, games, celebrations, habits, ideas, perspectives, outlook, and hundreds of other things that you can unconsciously gain if you go through the ESC-project. Good luck to everyone, have fun with Erasmus life:*)