Manuel Tenreiro Diaz Sirgo

Manuel Tenreiro Diaz Sirgo

Volunteer from Spain

This story starts in Spain specifically in the community of Castilla La Mancha.

 I did not know what to do with my life and once I was with my friends in a bar and I hear that some people speak english I  decide to go to know why they speak english and they star to tell me that they are from diferent countries so they explain me that they make a Erasmus+ project (the Erasmus+ are programs that the EU create for people between 18 to 30 yeas old so they can go to other countries in the EU for work). So I start to think about and I decided to go to a Erasmus+ project. I tell to my parents that I want to be more independent they tell me that is going to be hard but they will help me. I start to search for one Erasmus+ Project an I found one  in Romania for 11 months, the topic was non formal education. Here I work with people from different countries of all the EU.

I already make 7 of this months and is amazing 

Here I enjoy so much, I make exchanges, workshop with teenagers, spanish, french, and dance classes.