Maksym Kryvonos

Maksym Kryvonos

Volunteer from Ukraine

Hello, everyone! My name is Max and I am the part of the crazy Ukrainian trio in the frames of the project called “Non-formal Enlights Rural”. I came to Râmnicu Vâlcea not more than 1 week ago and it changed my life from the A to the Z.

I graduated 1 year ago and decided to have a break from the education to understand myself better. I think this project is exactly what I was looking for. First of all, my major was teaching Chinese for the foreigners and I received much theoretical knowledges. Now I’m here in order to embody all of my efforts sharing my experience with the children and youngsters who need it.

In my daily life I am keen on running, playing football, doing music. Many things attract my attention: I discover the history of the humanity, modern culture, fashion, psychology. Romania is the 20th country I visited. In the future I’m going to explore the influence of the mankind on the Earth and try to develop the ways of decreasing it. Thanks for your attention and I will be happy to meet you on our events!

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Testimony of Maksym after volunteering

Before coming here, this project was a blank sheet for me. I didn’t have any expectations about the country, the city I will live in, the tasks we will carry out and the results I will achieve. I just took a decision to rely on my destiny and catch this opportunity. And I hit the point. I could describe endlessly how many new friends from different countries I met here, how beautiful is nature and culture of Romania, how important for me are the new skills and knowledge I developed here through these 8 months. All this experience is crucial for me to define my future life direction and I’m sure, for most of the people it would be life changing as much as for me. I am grateful to everyone I met here and for everything happened here since I found my second Motherland in the Carpathian mountains.