Leila Ait Uali

Leila Ait Uali

Volunteer from Ukraine

Hi, my name is Leila, I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine. First thing you would like to know – what is my origin? And I’ll tell that’s a vivid mix from all over the world and my name is Arabic origin.

All my life I was a very curious kid and especially I was really into reading all kinds of legends and fairy tails. Through years I kept this hobby to read and after some time I decided to choose science of the word – philology, and became a linguist. So I’m an oriental philologist, have been studying in Kyiv National Linguistic University and graduated in 2018. Also my big passion is psychology and psychotherapy. I completed the base module in Kyiv Centre of Positive Psychotherapy in 2015-2016, and attended Positive Psychotherapy Camp in Bulgaria during July 2019.

In my spare time I’m fond of traveling, analog photography and when I’m inspired – I love to draw.

Here, in Romania, I joined this fascinating opportunity to be a volunteer in a project called Non-formal Enlights Rural to contribute to the local community in Valcea county. I’m pretty happy to be here and to be active as a part of Erasmus + mobility. Also, this is a significant opportunity to live in the country of my beloved grandfather, whose ancestors were Romanians.

I truly believe that this experience will be mind-blowing for each of our team. See ya!

Testimony of Leila after volunteering

People ask me how did I find this project and they are always wrong because I didn’t, in a fact my project found me. It all happened during my trip to Romania when I became a volunteer. Seven beautiful months of contributing to local community in Ramnicu Valcea. Living here, organizing lots of different events and workshops for kids of all ages. Meanwhile helping youngsters to overcome fears of being unique and how to express their own opinion, as well as speaking English and teaching how to be active, isn’t it wonderful?
Learning Romanian and having an opportunity to participate in traditional holidays. Meeting new friends and making acquaintances with people from all over the world. Challenging with personal issues and tracking personal growth every month. All these things and even more in one mind-blowing experience which I’m extremely grateful for.