Gülçin Ceylan

Gülçin Ceylan

Volunteer from Tukey

My name is Gülçin Ceylan and I am from Turkey.  I graduated from business administration, I am an accountant.

After I finished school, I started working as a volunteer in Egypt. There I taught basic english to children in kindergarten. So, I lived in Egypt for three months and both learned and taught. Also, while in university, I worked voluntarily with orphans. I believe that countries will have a bright future if children receive a good education.

That’s why I wanted to continue working voluntarily and now I am in romania for my new project.

My aim here is to learn new things and add new ideas to this project and to touch the lives of children. 

I will apply the new knowledge I learned when I return to my country.

Testimony of Gülçin after volunteering

Actually, when I finished my school in my country, I started my own profession.I was working in the accounting department of a software company and everything was going well. But it was annoying for me that everything was so stable and orderly. Because what was important to me was seeing new people and cultures, learning and teaching new things. Most of my friends had already returned to their countries by doing ESC.

So I knew everything about ESC and now it was time for me. I started researching projects and I had a big problem: all countries were almost closed because the pandemic had started. I was not going to give up anyway. And I managed to get approval from my coordinator by applying for a project in Romania.

Everything was serious now and my fears began. Because I did not know enough languages and it would be difficult to live with people from different cultures. I wasn’t sure I could make it and I was afraid. However, this was not the first time and I had succeeded before. I made a quick decision and didn’t want to miss this opportunity. After all the procedures, I had a new family and life. First I met my coordinator and his wife, then I met my roommate. Everyone was very smiling and friendly. Despite this, I was unhappy and nervous because my English was very bad and I did not understand 80% of what was said, so I had a language barrier. That’s why I couldn’t fulfill the given tasks or I was finishing late. However, with the help of my coordinator and housemates, I quickly improved my language and was partially successful. Now I was teaching online and we were learning and having fun together.