I am Lucile, a French eco-friendly volunteer ! I am 21 years old and since I was young, I like to spend time outdoor, to observe wild animals, flowers, trees … They are simple things but it soothes me. When you like something, you want to take care of it. That’s why I try to […]


Hi everyone ! My name is Florian and I like walking in the nature. I think it’s impossible to explain that feeling, walking under the trees and I am just feeling good. The wind touching my skin, the fresh scent, the atmosphere … So we are living on a planet which can just gives us […]

David Badoyan

Hello! Barev! I am Davit from Armenia. I am 21. After school I went to college, during which I started working with children for more than 2 years. Education is surely the future of this world and children must be educated and motivated. So we have to do everything for it.  For me is very […]

Anya Chan

I am Anya, an ESC volunteer of Youth Initiatives for Community facilitated by AIDE. I was born and raised in Ukraine but my parents are from Vietnam. I know 5 languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Vietnamese and Chinese. I’ve finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages, so basically I’m a translator. I’m a real people person, […]

Selimcan Uçar

Hello, my name is Selim and I am comıng from Turkey, I born in Turkey and I raised in Turkey my parents living in Turkey also I have sister.  I am 24 years old and I’m playing music for 13 years. I came to Romania volunteer because  like to work as a volunteer. The main […]