Anna Nahorna

Anna Nahorna

Volunteer from Ukraine

Bună! Hello! Вітаннячка, дорогі друзі! My name is Nahorna Anna. And I’m from the magnificent country Ukraine (Kharkiv). Nice to meet you. The persistent beast lives inside my person. But don’t be scared. Beasts can be different. Now you are warned, so let make our journey begin.

I’ve dreamt about creating something epic and useful, discovering the secrets of our mysterious world. Since and after my university life I’ve been working as a developmental psychologist, a psychological coach, a journalist, group manager of English teachers, etc., trying to make people’s vision of the world colorful and flexible, doing what I boundlessly love. My passion for literature, science, sport have determined the specific way of my positive thinking which consists of endless looking for opportunities according to my inner wings.

Honestly speaking, sometimes I felt disappointed, devastated and was ready to quit, but I stopped and listened to my heart which whispered: “You could give up at any moment. I still crave to explore the world, being useful and catching the moment. Try. The only fear is never trying. What would you do, if it were your last day?”

So now I can call me a crazy Ukrainian breed who has taken a risk and dared to live truly. But only a couple of years ago, I couldn’t even imagine such a life-giving journey. I used to be ready to run away, thinking about English, making own business or spontaneous taking risks. Once I had decided that It’s time to use my colors. My messages to the Universe have been accepted.

I must admit, on the one historical day the project «NONFORMAL enlights RURAL» turned for me into the remarkable shift and the bridge between crossroads of opportunities. If you crave to be useful for society, to do what you love in a fun interactive way with friends from all over the world, to daily improve your communicative and other vital skills, the perfect way is this volunteering experience. The project makes me:

*feel inspired because of a chance to collaborate with ambitious friends from all over the world;

*express my personal creativity, using a range of opportunities for youth;

* make a useful contribution to the sport, art and social life of youth from the rural area;

*improve and obtain communication skills, leadership features.

This project is not only about enlightenment, cross-cultural exchanges, improving a variety of skills, but it’s mostly about deep mindset transformation, personal rebuilding on the emotional, cognitive and behavioral levels, about flexibility, ability to find common ground and design authentic life.

Remember, only you are able to feel your hidden inside wings that make you do something crazy, dealing with obstacles as challenges to be one more step in advance. Just do you best, try to turn your dream into the real plan. Let’s manage our life together.

Testimony of Anna after volunteering

There was one tree, so similar to many others. Being ample and strong enough to survive, nobody could imagine how long its roots were, and whether it was dreaming about anything. All of the various dimensions in the Universe spin around us, being hopeful to get caught and noticed.

At the proper moment a project “Non-formal enlights rural” got into my life and definitely changed my perception of the world. First things first, being surrounded with like-minded leaders from different countries and staying in a safe inspiring environment, I’ve improved such vital skills as the ability of flexible studying everywhere, constructive communication in different languages with various age categories about modern sore points, critical thinking, networking and collaboration in intercultural groups, etc. The crucial point is the relevance, demand, and importance of our activities for local youngsters, let alone, the personal advantages for each member of our team.

As for me, this project is the portal to the diverse world with unknown fabulous cultures, delicate subtlety of crossroads between Collective and Personal unconscious, challenges, fears and development, constancy and epic shifts, looking-for and finding. In conclusion, we were doing our best to bring light to the rural areas, to encourage ambitious local youth, and indeed, we have already left our marks in history Erasmus+. To point out, my family of friends was extended by deep and tolerant like-minded personalities with unique mentalities, opposite attitudes but mutual spiritual heritage based on similar mission and values.

Well, the roots are getting deeper and deeper little by little, the new wave of healing wind is motivating to move on, focus on the opportunities. Thank you for Romanian and Spanish songs early in the morning on the way to the rural schools with the most smiling ever mentor, for happy and sometimes crazy unpredicted children’s eyes, for well-organized formal and the loveliest informal meetings, for permanent flexible support and full involvement, for visiting to nine new countries and exploring much wider intercultural space, for expressing inner wings and being useful. Thank you. See you somewhere in the world.