Life is a breathtaking and inspiring ocean. Colorful events, endless meetings, eternal studying, etc. Sometimes this real kaleidoscope of feelings turns into the routine that provokes sadness and quitting. There are some tips that could be useful to keep your inspiration. By the way, one of the simplest tools is a map of resources that comes in handy when you are burnt out or over-exhausted.

The only things you should have are a piece of paper, a pen (or color pencils) and being ready to heed your heart. Let’s get started. Please, sit in a comfortable position. Being honest with yourself is very important. Remember what makes you feel equilibrium and inspiration. What does motivate you to develop, reach your goals, go on, in spite of difficulties? Try to imagine these cases with details such as smells, sounds, colors, surface softness, true reasons for your feelings at that moment, etc. In other words, try to find out your energy resources.

Well done. Go on. After that, please, write down wherever you want on the piece of paper a title “What inspires me” and the general name of groups of inspiring things, for instance, books, locations, flowers, people, music, senses, animals, motivational quotes, kind of sports. Don’t hurry up and try to specify every single category. I mean write down more details. If you are inspired by a specific book, write down, please, in which particular case you have felt it the most. For example, note (or just think) not only a name of the book, but also extra important information such as “The book “The obstacle is the way” when I’ve been inspired by traveling to Berlin this summer”.

The map of energy resources could consist of as many blocks, as you wish. Here are some ones below which you can clarify for you.

Memories. Dive into memories. It could be both hilarious and full of warmth moments and something pushing you to become stronger and provident, ambitious and proactive as well. Please, write down it. You can even paint on your walls, stickers or a big piece of paper. It’s up to you.

People. You might become inspired by your close environment (you trust them and feel the serenity of mind) and famous figures such as entrepreneurs, artists, bloggers, and so on.

Things. Write down or draw if you have, for example, your lucky backpack, any talisman that makes you keep calm or just give you energy.

Sounds. It could possibly be not only your favorite songs, but also even the sound of leaves in the forest, silence, people’s voices. Try to think in which particular cases these above-mentioned sounds seemed to be the most enjoyable.

Activities. When you do something, it brings you positive feelings. A tiny cup of coffee in the morning, sport exercises, chatting with your friends, singing in the bathroom, taking part in charity events, whatever.

As you can see, the list of your energy resources we can wide and specify. The crucial ideas are being honest with yourself and trying to imagine as many emotional details about one specific case, as it’s possible. Based on neuro-linguistic programming, we observe the world by visual (sight, spatial awareness), auditory (sound, conversation) and kinesthetic (somatic feelings in the body, emotions) sensory modalities. That’s why, according to your dominant representative system (sensory modality), try to find the most appropriate way of creating your unique map of energy resources. So you could make an envelope with your motivational memories, thankful video from present to past and future, any stickers, signatures on your clothes.

In conclusion, it is important to figure out your inspiring stuff and be able to turn back these resources when you feel burn out. How should we do that? Just realize and stop, visualize your map, surround you with the inspiring environment from your list, embody your philosophy in your personal space (favorite clothes and pictures, flowers on the table, the room full of memorable triggers, motivational mottos in your notebook, delicious food). Try to figure out which group of energy resources (activities, books, smells, etc.) is the poorest to reflect and supplement it. 

Well, it is normal to feel devastated from time to time. Another thing is to find out the reason of your burning out (time-management or lack of a clear understanding of your direction). But we’ll talk about that later. Anyway, sometimes let you stop, breath and take a break to turn your map of energy resources into mind treat tool. Be inspired and inspire others.

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